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Usher Art Gallery Rehang

February 18, 2016

The Usher Art Gallery has recently changed their permanent gallery space! Every two years the gallery rehangs their permanent exhibition spaces with works from the museum and galleries stores. In doing this they have worked with young artists and guest curators, such as Julie-Ann Delaney, Curator at the National Galleries of Scotland.

The current display of the galleries concentrates on the themes of still life, portrait and landscape.

It is an interesting and inspiring exhibition. With works from an array of different artists. Exploring the way in which the subjects of still life have been explored, depicted and portrayed. The gallery spaces provide a great span of different works which portray the vast mediums, materials, outlooks, traditions of the still life genre and how different artists of different periods have described them.

The artists works displayed in the exhibition –

Henry Moore / Anna Airy / William Hilton Sr / Vanessa Bell / Peter DeWint / John Downton / William T Warrener / Austin Garland / William Logsdail / Mary Potter / John Piper

The exhibition provides works from a genre that any viewer can appreciate. The exhibition is very informative, using many techniques to engage the viewer. The gallery has certainly chosen to reconsider how they ´talk´ to their visitors. There are interactive activities for visitors to do which complement the exhibition. Visitors are welcomed to sit and draw from what is exhibited as well as other props. There is lots  of information and facts that accompany this exhibition and is readily available for visitors. I think the galleries rehang is a great exhibition and one which will be enjoyed immensely by visitors for the two years to come.

The display of works show the calibre and importance of the Usher Gallery´s collections and the works they have in stores, not just on the gallery walls. The rehangs are always such an insight into the treasures that the gallery and museum behold.


The Usher Art Gallery is open daily from 10am until 4pm. To find out more information visit their website,


The Other Mountain Exhibition at NCCD

February 18, 2016

The new exhibition at The National Centre for Craft & Design 

The Other Mountain: Contemporary Chinese Jewellery

The exhibition will be running from Sat 27 Feb – Sun 24 Apr 2016 and explores the recent internationalisation of contemporary Chinese jewellery design. Demonstrating how increased opportunities for international study over the past twenty years has effected these trends.

The exhibition is jointly created by artist, curator and consultant Norman Cherry and Wang Kezhen, Head of Jewellery and Metalsmithing in the College of Design at Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China.

The Artists exhibiting include: 

Bifei Cao / Xiang Dai / Ming Gu / Xin Guo / Jun Hu / Xiaowang Huang /  Xiao Liu /Honggang Lu /Xianou Ni / Jie Sun / Fei Teng / Zhenghong Wang / Chungang Wang /Kezhen Wang / Man Yang / Fan Zhang


The National Centre for Craft & Design is located in Sleaford, Lincolnshire and is open daily 10am until 5pm.

The centre has some really exciting things happening and for all ages and creative interests. From musical events, to practical workshops and talks with the curators and artists. Head to their website to find out more.

NCCD is a real gem and one that Lincolshire should be proud of to have in their county. It is an exciting place for all creative genres and endeavours and is best appreciated by it´s visitors. I recommend this place very highly and think every visit it well worth it – even just to their website to get any creative soul some inspiration.

The Lincolnshire Artist’s Society Annual Exhibition

September 3, 2015

The Usher Gallery is holding the annual exhibition of The Lincolnshire Artists’ Society.

The Society returns again from 16th August to 7th October 2015. The Exhibition includes paintings, drawings, photography as well as 3D work. The Lincolnshire Artists’ Society, founded as the Lincolnshire Drawing Club, celebrated its Centenary in 2006. Inspired by the Cambridge Drawing Society founded in 1882 it was followed by the St Ives Society in 1927. The L.A.S. started out with an Annual Exhibition in the loose boxes of the stables at Monks Manor, Lincoln, the home of its founder, Miss Elsie Ruston and her art collecting industrialist father Joseph. It moved to the city’s Exchange Arcade in 1910 following interest from the press and public, then to a room in the new Central library eventually finding its ideal home in the Usher Gallery from 1927.

The exhibition was opened by the President of the Society Ian Walter.

This annual exhibition presenting the works of this society is certainly exciting and one that is certainly looked forward to each time it comes around. It is an interesting insight into the artists of Lincolnshire, both past and present. It is a great thing to be able to see, promote and represent Lincolnshire’s artist community. And to see how they are working, what they are creating and how they are constantly developing and improving Lincoln’s arts.
To find out more visit;
Facebook: LincolnshireArtistsSociety

Lincolnshire’s Great Exhibition at The Collection

September 3, 2015

This blockbuster exhibition celebrates the rich history of this magnificent county with over 150 treasures dating from the 11th to the 21st centuries.

Lincolnshire’s Great Exhibition aspires to celebrate the rich history of this magnificent county and to reveal the hidden treasures of this, often overlooked, corner of Eastern England.

As part of the celebration of Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary Lincolnshire’s Great Exhibition is taking place at these venues across Lincoln; The Collection, the Usher Gallery, Lincoln Cathedral’s Wren Library and Lincoln Castle. Rare items with Lincolnshire connections have been brought together, drawn from private, national and international collections to help tell the story of the county and its people, its sense of place and importance within national and international history.

Stamford, Lincolnshire by J.M.W. Turner (about 1828), courtesy the Usher Gallery, Lincoln

Featured in this exhibition are manuscripts, printed books, scientific instruments, jewellery, personalia, portraits and landscapes, and much more.  Highlights include the 1225 Henry III Magna Carta (to be seen in the Magna Carta vault at Lincoln Castle), an atlas annotated by Lord Burghley (to be seen at Lincoln Cathedral), paintings by George Stubbs and JMW Turner and the Louth Panorama (on display in the Usher Gallery), and much more on display at The Collection including the Heneage Jewel, the 1804 map of Australia drawn by Matthew Flinders, a notebook belonging to Isaac Newton and regalia associated with the King’s Champion.

The King's Champion saddle, 18th century; by kind permission of the Dymoke family

The most famous 14th century illuminated manuscript in England, the Luttrell Psalter, is on display at The Collection, which is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity to see this magnificent volume on display in Lincoln.

This is a really important and prominent exhibition revealing some of Lincolnshire’s prized artworks. It is definitely an exhibition to see and view some of the spectacular treasures of history.

The Collection and Usher Gallery are free to enter and open daily from10am until 4pm.

LAS Summer Exhibition

September 3, 2015

Photo post.

Source: LAS Summer Exhibition

Exhibition opportunity

June 17, 2015

Gymnasium Project

June 17, 2015

A Contemporary Art Commissioning Programme, Gymnasium,  presents new works in public locations in the city of Lincoln, alongside a print edition and associated exhibitions in Project Space Plus.

The first year of the project will involve three artists/artist’s groups ‘imagining possible futures’ – engaging with the imperative for social change and the creation of heterotopias and propositions, with reference to the specific situation in Lincoln in the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.  The programme is curated by Jeanine Griffin.

Publicly Sited Artwork will include The Difference by Ruth Ewan

Taking cue from Lincoln’s historic connections with the Magna Carta artist Ruth Ewan developed workshops with young people from The Meadows Primary School which resulted in a series of slogans, text works and drawn maps. One of the re-imagined maps has been developed by Ewan and expertly crafted into an alternative globe which is sited in the foyer of Lincoln Central Library from 15 June until 5 September.

 An exhibition of the works by  Ruth Ewan will be held at The University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool on 16 Jun until 11 Jul 2015

Tours and Talks will be held and there will be an introduction to the works by Lincoln-based artists

On the first 3 Saturdays of the exhibition, there will be tours between the exhibition at Project Space Plus and the new commission, ‘The Difference’, led by Lincoln-based artists. Free, book your place at – to  be held on the 20th, 27th of june and 4th of July from 1 pm, the first at the Collection and are FREE!

The organisation, it’s initiatives and exhibitions sound great! An exciting and contemporary take on the historical happenings in the city of Lincoln at present. It is certainly something to follow and to see!

To find our more visit –